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The last few years have taken their toll on everyone. Restrictions, mandates; new ways of being and behaving. Yet, now, more than ever, it’s time to move forward. Time to rise from the old you and to reset into a more complete version of yourself.

From this place, The Rising Reset was born. This event offers the opportunity to do just that. Move and nourish the body and be inspired in mind and soul.

The half-day (five-hour) Rising Reset experience will catapult you. It is designed to empower you, inspire you, encourage you. So, let’s come together. Allow The Rising Reset experience to make you part of a community, of other like-minded individuals, who crave more.

It’s time to rise and reset.

0Hours to Revitalize, Replenish & Renew
0Experts in Their Respective Fields
$0To Join
0Unforgettable Experience


Move with intention. Kick off your time in an empowering way by starting with 30 minutes of total body exercise.


No work, no problem. 90 minutes to surrender. 90 minutes to release. Melt into an experience that will support you the entire time.


Bathe in all the vibrations. During the restorative yoga experience, crystal singing bowls will take you deeper.


Eat well, be well. Food for the soul from master chefs.


Dare to be different. Uncover what you’re meant to be, or unearth what’s already deep down.