I’m Michele! I Am a Spiritual Life Coach.

I graduated from San Diego State University, with a B.A. in Psychology. My true calling is guiding people back into connection with their true Divine authentic being.

Through my own personal and professional life experiences, as well as, spiritual development studies, I began discovering how very little value we place on being our “true selves”. Programmed to live our lives following others, and through societal and governmental standards, we begin to lose a sense of what is real and true for our own unique individual life expression. In order to change this, we must learn to connect on a deeper much level, within our consciousness, to our core soul self.
In 1999, I became a Certified Life Coach, (this opened the door to my capacity to move into a greater awareness of being able to guide others at a deeper spiritual level, and thus shifted to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach in 2003). I began guiding people to re-connect and align to their authentic selves. Deeper and more profound transformations took place-health, happiness and overall well-being emerged.

My call to serve people in this capacity was validated time and time again as I witnessed remarkable changes in my clients. As I assisted people through the process of releasing their limiting core beliefs and emotional wounds, allowing their true selves to emerge, real healing took place, and self-imposed limitations vanished and a greater connection to their Divine self, emerged.

Always studying, searching and learning, I continually embrace new ideas that speak to my heart and soul. In 2003, I was guided to The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing, where I was certified as an Indigo Healing Facilitator, trained to heal the emotional and spiritual wounds of Indigo children and adults, and serve as an advocate for their vision. In 2006, branching out further, I became certified as a Hypnotherapist and a Neurolinguistics Practitioner.

2010 brought me to the study of Access Consciousness, and I was certified as an Access Bars® Facilitator.

My 20 plus years of experience, working with a diverse group of individuals, has also enabled me to coach couples in their marriages/partnerships, assisting them to create more heart centered, authentic and soulful connections, while embracing their own individuality; creating a higher level of ease in their lives. My coaching practice also includes working with parents, to help raise conscious children, overcome emotional barriers, and create more collaborative communication between all family members. Throughout my career, working with people around the world, as a coach, soul minister, consultant, facilitator, educator, speaker, and writer, my sole motivation has been to open the doors to awareness and consciousness for my clients, thus leading them to create more expansive, healthier, happier and fulfilling lives!


Spiritual Life Coaching

I am often asked, “What is Spiritual Life Coaching?”, and “What is the difference between traditional therapy and coaching?”
Spiritual Life Coaching is about honoring the soul’s journey. It’s about cultivating and nurturing one’s connection to their Divine Self. Simply put… SLC is about guiding others to re-connect to their Source Self while assisting one to follow their own path and reemergence with their true life’s calling.
The difference, from my perspective, between traditional therapy and coaching, is in therapy you are revered as the “Victim” in your story and subject to the conditions of your experiences. In coaching, you are revered as the “Hero”, master creator of your story- guided to consciously create your life’s experiences, moment by moment.
As a coach…you are your clients’ biggest fan, guiding them to see who they truly are and unmask the treasures that lie within.

As your coach, I focus on reaching that part of you that truly is “you”. It is working with you at your core/SOUL level. When you work from this space, a magical transformation takes place that is much deeper and lasting.
I see my role as assisting clients to remove core issues, negative beliefs and emotional blocks that hinder them from powerfully creating their own joyful life experience.


Benefits of Coaching 

Healing the emotional wounds of childhood
Increased happiness and joy
Learn how to make better conscious choices
Become more open to new possibilities
Weight reduction/releasing emotional eating
Releasing depression, anger, guilt, fear, anxiety
How to deal with grief and loss
Thrive through a divorce
Decrease stress
Healthier self-talk

Increase self-confidence
Letting go of the past keeping you trapped
Release judgments and destructive beliefs
Release negative energy and energies
Create a loving relationship with yourself
Healthier relationships with family and friends
Taking control of your destiny
Connect with what you love, your joy and gifts
Operate your life from a greater AWARENESS of YOU!

Relationship and Couples Coaching

I assist couples in releasing core emotional and energetic blocks, beliefs and issues, keeping them from experiencing an ease and flow of love, communication, enjoyment, and fulfillment in their relationship and lives.
Intimate Relationships/Marriages are changing dramatically. Our traditional roles no longer apply. Men and women are seeking a deeper understanding of how to connect with one another in a more nurturing and fulfilling way. In Relationship/Couples Coaching, we begin to create a space for each of you to honor and trust yourself as individuals, to appreciate one another, and acknowledge the contribution you are to each other. It’s about “receiving” one another in a way that both partners feel loved, cared for, supported, heard, uplifted and celebrated!

During coaching sessions, couples work together to develop stronger connections in:

  • communication
  • levels of trust
  • vulnerability
  • sexuality/sexual intimacy
  • health and wellness
  • individual expression
  • gratitude/appreciation
  • interdependence vs. Co-dependence
  • social interaction
  • emotional expression
  • spiritual alignment

Prices for Services

Spiritual Life Coaching / Relationship / Couples Coaching
In person, on the phone, Zoom, via Skype, FB messenger or on a Free Conference call:

Individual coaching sessions – $200 per hour

Coaching Package – 1 Month consisting of: 4 sessions, 5 hours, plus 4-10 minute clarity calls. The first session is 2 hours. The remaining sessions are 1 hour each – $800 per month

Standard 3-month package (most popular) – $2,400